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A little bit about me: I have spent the last 40 years in retail; 33 of that in pharmacy. I love working with the public and always wanted to make woman feel & look their best! After finishing Cosmetology School I knew I wanted to do more than just hair. Maybe create a perfume, Make-up or skincare line.  I knew I was destine for greater things; I wanted to create a legacy for my kids & grand kids. After the passing of my mom in  November 2019, I was at a loss. I had started research on my own skincare line in early 2019 and was sad I never got a chance to share my dream of owning my own company with her. I found a partner that has scientific and natural creations not only good for your skin, but feels & smells amazing! I was laid off due to The Coronavirus and knew this was my time to dig deep and create this skincare line. I originally had a name for my products- "Hello Beautiful Skin", but in Italian.  I then, with my kids help named my skincare line and company after my parents. Hence, C&E (Carol & Ed) Skincare was born. My parents have been my inspiration all through this journey and never told me I couldn't do something, and they always left the door open for me to be who I wanted to be. I want every man or woman out there to discover their full potential and never stop reaching for the stars!



C&E Skincare

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